Sunday, April 26, 2009

"I Need Your Vote!"

Councilman Michael Blynn wore one of his campaign T-shirts as he worked the tables at the annual North Miami Historical Society luncheon. Councilman Scott Galvin, facing the camera toward's the right side of the photo isn't laughing at Michael's speil. Scott always has that same smile. That must be the way his facial muscles are designed! The Scott Galvin signature smile!

Overall, Michael has been doing a great job on the council, and he should! Our elected officals should be doing a fantastic job! After all, they just gave themselves an obscene ten fold salary increase, a lifetime gold plated health insurance plan, and retirement benefits that make you wonder why they just don't go ahead and retire instead of raising the utility bill again.

But what can you expect from a councilman who doesn't know enough about campaigning to realize that the winner is always the one who gives out the coolest looking T-shirt! Michael, where are OUR T-shirts?



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