Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Monkette! Another Cappucino And You'll Be Up All Night!

The Lunastar Cafe is directly across the street fom North Miami City Hall so it seemed like a great place for Bonnie Schwartzbaum (the blonde woman directly behind Monkette in the photo)to hold her campaign kick-off party. The emailed invitation told Monkette that she was welcome to bring me along. HAH! How else would she have gotten there? I drove her over, putting on jacket and tie as per her (Monkette's) instructions.

A few years back Alexis started the Lunastar as a coffee house in the classic tradition of having local artists displaying their art, and folk singers playing acoustic guitar and singing. It reminded me of Club 47 in Boston or the coffee houses in Greenwich Village back in the sixties. The place seemed to be atracting more sixty-somethings than college students though, people who remembered the "folk movement" and coffee houses of that era. And of course they had more money than college students, and had graduated from smoking pot (well, at least not in public anyway) to drinking exotic imported beers and wine. Alexis obliged.

Bonnie decided to do the kick-off party there. Monkette had been told in no uncertain terms by my lady friend Robin (she couldn't make it to the party, being out of town)to keep me away from the wine! I don't like beer and Robin had seen what wine (one glass) does to me too many times (once) and she didn't want me to make a complete fool out of myself, or worse, crash the truck on the way home.

Monkette, though can't hold her caffeine. I live on coffee but Monkette would be swinging from the chandeliers! She'd already had half a cup of cappucino, way too much sugar and was looking longingly at my second cup. She didn't get any.



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