Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Frank Wolland Needs Your Votes

Frank Wolland had already gone inside to the candidates' forum at North Miami City Hall a few nights ago but his kids and his wife were outside holding a sign touting hiis endorsements from THE NORTH MIAMI POLICE OFFICERS ASSN. and THE INTL. UNION OF POLICE OFFICERS IUPA /AFL-CIO

In his several terms on the city council and serving as mayor he's maintained a good relationship with our Police Department, doing his best to assure adequate funding for this important municipal department. The crime rate isn't zero but it's a lot less than many surrounding municipalities. He wants people to know that he still thinks the same way. If we need budget cuts and belt tightening the Police Department isn't the place to short-change.

The sun was setting, the hordes of people had mostly gone up to the council chambers to listen to the candidates' spiels, Mrs. Wolland was about out of brochures, and Monkette was bugging me to go upstairs and check out the refreshment table. We went upstairs.

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