Friday, April 10, 2009

The Paparazzi Arrive

It's been about XX (if I gave a real number everybody would know how old she is) years since Patty Ho-Chan Motro (blurry, on the far right) was a freshman at Barry University and I met her while I was shooting some pix for the school. She was taking a photography course and started using my Minolta Autocord and using my darkroom on occasion. We've stayed in touch all these decades. She refers to me as her Big Brother. She got married, had a couple of daughters, and somehow went over to the Dark Side, now carrying around a zoom equipped DSLR.

We were both at Bonnie Schwartzbaum's campaign kick-off party. Bonnie is running for city council in District 2. Monkette and Bonnie were working the crowd together. Everybody in town knows Monkette and Bonne figured that an endorsment, or better yet, a personal introduction, from Monkette, was the key to garnering votes. I figured that was better than sitting on my lap and bitching about "There's no damned bananas on the fresh fruit plate!"

So I had a bit of time to kill, and rather than sit by myself I thought that I'd take my Coke and avail myself of an empty chair next to this sexy young chick with great legs. In an attempt to start up a conversation I introduced myself and asked what she did. Turns out that she's a professor at Florida International University. You KNOW that you're getting old whe sexy young chicks are university professors.


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