Friday, April 03, 2009

Political Consultant Monkette Is Getting Greedy!

Monkette has been driving me crazy lately, wanting to go to homeowners' association meetings, city council meetings, and now we're about to start the whirl of campaign kick-off parties for the various candidates.
What's really mind blowing is that people are always asking me about her, even asking me to bring her with me. I'm beginning to think that nobody really gives two hoots about me. I'm just Monkettes wheels, her chauffer, nothing more.
So here we are at a Central North Miami Homeowners' Association meeting. That blond woman with her chin resting on her hand is council candidate Michelle Garcia. Monkette already has her card. In a few days she'll be dragging me to Bonnie Schwartzbaum's kick-off party. Michelle and Bonnie are in different districts. For the most part Monkette prefers female candidates but she's already committed to work for Frank Wolland in his bid for mayor. "He has the most experience!" she says referring to his previous terms as a very good mayor. Monkette also likes the fact that Frank wants to reverse the current mayor and council's course of profligate spending. In lean times you don't lay off hard working long time employees to pay $300,000 for another veterans' memorial while giving themselves lifetime medical insurance, a generous retirement plan, an open ended expense account, and a totally outrageous boost in salary. Of course it's us, the tax payers who are getting the shaft. We need a mayor and council who can manage to survive on more traditional sources of income. Simple graft and corruption was always good enough in the past!

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