Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A Match From The Past ~ STEVE'S PIZZA

Steve's pizza is the best I've ever had. Yes, you can buy slices! It's one of those roadside places out of the past. You sit down after you place (and pay for) your order. When it's ready they'll shout your name and you pick up your own damned pizza and drinks. No table service!
No napkins either. They have these varnished wood bases with a vertical dowel on every table. There's a roll of paper twels on the dowel. I guess paper towels are cheaper than napkins. You can sit inside or outside and everybody's friendly, passing grated cheese or hot pepper one table to the next, and if your party has more people than chairs somebody will offer their spare.
I think they're about the last place on the planet to have a basket of matches next to the register. No, they don't sell cigarettes, but the outside dining attracts smokers, as if the fantastic pizza wasn't enough of a draw. Check it out. It's on the east side of U.S. 1 Biscayne Blvd.) at 121st Street.

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