Sunday, April 12, 2009

OMG! He Looks like A Younger Me!

That's very much like I looked back in 1973 when I took the photo on the top. Robert Morgan, a film maker, was very much into finding Bigfoot at the time. Some friends of his in Miami were following up on leads to find the Florida skunk ape, our version of bigfoot. I got drafted to be the expedition's photographer. We never did get any definitive photos, just one shadowy shape in the woods. We did find some huge foot prints on this shell island in Charlotte Harbor. You can see one in the center of the photo just below the people. We got what we thought were some pretty decent plaster casts. The world of science wanted hair samples or, best of all, a dead body.
That's Darrel Seideman standing in the rear, Buzz on the right, and I can't remember the name of the guy on the left, except that it turned out that his dad lived a block away from me, and for a few years his dad and I ended up doing a lot of fishing together. Eventually averyone moved and we lost track of one another.
Then a year or two ago Bob Morgan tracked me down because of this blog! He'd made Bloodstalkers a few years ago and wanted to film a sequel in the Everglades. He'd need a still photographer and thought that I had "the look" for a part in the film as well. Then the economy tanked. Bob is still trying to put the money together. Are there any wealthy investors reading this?
And the guy in the picture on the DVD? That's the same hair style as I've been wearing and I've still got all my hair, but it's half grey. I want my picture on a DVD!

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