Monday, April 13, 2009

Sue Simonsis ~ An Email From Her Daughter Forty-Four Years Later

People tell me that they like this blog because they never know day to day what's going to show up, everything from current local political commentary to pictures from my wilder twenty-something days. Some folks tell me they enjoy the stories that run with the photos. I get emails telling me that they were at such and such a rock festival also, or the photo and caption reminded them of another festival they attended. In one case a self described "very fat grandmother" remembered me from when I did some photos at a Christian drug rehab center and she was a good looking sixteen year old in the program. I think she'd just smoked pot but her parents had freaked!
This photo is different. Beth sent me an email yesterday. It seems that she ran across some photos of her mom and dad, Sue and Wayne Simonsis, in my blog. She wanted to know if I had some other photos of them from way back in the winter of 1965/66 when my wife Stephanie and I had an apartment in the same building in New Bedford, Massachusettes. Fortunately I'd scribbled the negative number on the back of the print. Now I can easily go through the files and find the rest of them. I've even got an 11x14 of a different picture of Sue that's been framed and hanging on my wall all of these years. I'm waiting to get another email from Beth. Sue would have been about 19 in the pictures. Now Beth might have grandchildren that age!

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Anonymous Beth said...

Dear Al,

I would love to see any of the other photos you mention. My dad died in 1974. My mother kept all of the photos from before that time and I do have three teenagers who would love to see any images of their grandfather or grandmother. My email is:
Thank you so much for your updated is wild to see my mother at the same age as my eldest.


7:59 AM  

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