Thursday, April 16, 2009

Those Not Running

(Just a reminder to the candidates that the photographs here in The Price of Silver are copyright (c) Al Kaplan and may not be reproduced in any form without the permission and consent of the copyright holder. You may link to them however.)

North Miami elections aren't run by party affiliation, no Democrats or Republicans, just residents. Monkette still found this odd, even after working as campaign manager of Kevin Burns' succesful mayoral campaign two years ago, because party affiliation was such a big factor in the recent presidential election.

Here we're out behind City Hall waiting for the meeting to start along with two of the counclimen who won four year terms two years ago. Councilman Michael Blynn is wearing a suit and tie, showing off his belly, and faces left in the photo. Councilman Scott Galvin, in a skin tight short sleeve knit shirt, shows off his physique while facing right. Monkette, as usual, sat on my shoulder surveying the scene. "This whole concept of right and left makes no sense" she whispered in my ear "...but I'd choose Scott on looks alone!" I reminded her that those guys weren't running in this election. "Damn! That's confusing!" she replied. Later, drinking coffee at Starbucks (the city has lousy coffee, and we both concur on that assesment!) we discussed the candidates
and agreeed that Frank Wolland was the best choice for Mayor and Bonnie Schwartzbaum the best choice for City Clerk. The council seat in our district won't be up for election for two more years but Monkette thinks that Michelle Garcia would make a great addition to the City Council. I had a bit of trouble explaining to her that she wasn't in our district but Monkette is supporting her anyway. Monkette wants to start a new political party, CIC! (That stands for Chicks In Charge!)

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