Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Mysterious Dawn

Janis, as usual, hid behind the newspaper as soon as my hand moved towards the camera. She is one shy lady!

The blonde walking by in the background is very much the opposite. She comes over to Starbucks and a few other eating type places in the strip mall several times a day. She has one leg a bit shorter than the other so she has a nice well practiced limp to garner sympathy as she goes into her "Please can you spare some change? I haven't eaten anything since yesterday!" routine. It's not unusual to see some well dressed yuppie type, trying to impress his lady friend, hand Dawn a ten or a twenty. It adds up! She probably grosses more than I do, all tax free too.

A woman I've known for years, Peggy, lives near Dawn. According to Peggy, Dawn supports her boyfriend and the "habit" they share while he mostly sits at home doing nothing. What a life!

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