Wednesday, April 29, 2009

$$ Money Honey ~ She's Banking On It $$

Monkette and I were enjoying our morning coffee and cigarettes and chatting about a variety of subjects while Janis had her face hidden in the newspaper. "Al, we have to do SOMETHING about the mess that you call The Dining Room. You've got boxes of photo finishing envelopes going back to the year one. You'll never print the negatives and most of them are still full of 4x6 prints. Hell, some of them date back to the days of 3.5x5 inch prints! And nobody has been able to eat in there since I've been living in that house! You know that I like to eat my evening fruit platter sitting at the table like a civilized monkey."

I scan the 4x6 prints to use on The Price Of Silver, and then just stick the prints back in the bags. I usually pick out one or two photos out of each situation and manage to photograph maybe five or six situations per roll. I save the prints though, scanned and unscanned alike, while I post only the ones that best seem to fit the stories.

Monkette was obviously thinking back to last Friday night when we saw some photo exhibits at a couple of the art galleries when she asked "Do you think we could get maybe $200 each for them if you signed them?" I tried to explain that these were just little prints, and I wasn't sure if collectors would even be interested. She persisted "Well then how low can we go and still make it profitable? Don't forget, though, that our goal is really to straighten up the place a bit! The money is a bonus." We discussed it a bit longer and concluded that we wouldn't be losing money at ten bucks each plus two bucks shipping, no matter how many somebody bought. Two bucks shipping for one, two bucks shipping for twenty...etc. That would be via first class mail within the U.S., with other countries being more.

She went on to say that for a rock bottom bargain price like that you'd just be getting whichever print was on the top of the pile, not getting to choose a particular picture. "Al, just how fussy can they expect to be at those prices? Maybe later we can offer choice of picture, other sizes, all that fancy stuff, but for right now it's enough that we'd be straightening out that mess, reclaiming the dining room for dining,and picking up some banana money to boot!" She's right of course. She's ALWAYS right. A few months ago bananas were 49 cents a pound. Now they're up to 69 cents!

If you're interested in getting a signed Price Of Silver print email me at and we'll make the arrangements. Thanks!

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