Friday, May 01, 2009

A View Of Peru ~ Mario Flores Gallery

It was the last Friday of the month and all of the art galleries in North Miami were holding openings for new exhibits, followed by an outdoor jazz concert in front of MOCA, the Museum Of Contemporary Art. My neighbor Janis wanted to go along. She's deaf but it seems that she can hear the beat of the music and she likes to look at the art work. She also likes the cookies, cheese and crackers, and fresh strawberries in the galleries. She'd been in Mario's gallery about six months ago when I had a show there so that was our first stop.

Mario is an excellent photographer himself, and commercial photography is what he does for a living, yet somehow he'd had the gallery for six months and had yet to show any of his own work. This was different. He's from Peru and he has a huge collection of images that he's shot there. This show was photographs by Mario, photographs made in Peru! I wanted to get a shot that made the gallery and the show look interesting. If you want to see Mario's photographs visit the gallery at 12502 N.E. 8th Avenue in North Miami.

Janis and I checked out a couple more galleries before we heard the music start. We found some seats and enjoyed the concert.

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