Wednesday, May 06, 2009


A group of us gathered at Bonnie's house. The idea was to meet one another, pick up a supply of elect Bonnie Schwartzbaum literature, yard signs, and a pair of shirts. We were each issued one of the BRIGHT yellow T-shirts emblazoned front and rear with the ELECT Bonnie Schwartzbaum spiel in black and candy apple red. Folks would be able to spot us coming or going three blocks away. The only competition that I noticed out on the street were the usual groups of bible toters, the women in conservative dresses and the men slowly turning to sweat in their polyester shirts, ill fitting dark suits, and neck ties with boring patterns.

For more civilized occasions we got some very respectible and less gaudy golf shirts in a slightly less intense yellow with the Elect Bonnie stuff embroidered neatly on the front. I noticed that Bonnie and her inner circle had District 2 planned out street by street, block by block. Bonnie sat at her computer, staring at the screen, clicking away at the keyboard. I guess the final number of drop-off-the-literature beats really couldn't be determined until she knew exactly how many people would show up. Meanwhile the men were busy getting some refreshments ready. Notice the fresh fruit platter? Notice that enticing hand of bananas? Monkette has indeed made a major impact on North Miami politics! She even said that the day would come when men would wash the dishes!

There was one lady there, Pat, who didn't have a car. That's her hand reaching for the coffee mug in the lower right corner of the photo. Once I determined that she needed a ride home, and lived just a few blocks from my house, I offered her a ride home. Hell, I would have offered her a ride anyway!

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