Friday, May 08, 2009

I Don't Have A Clue and Monkette Won't Tell Me Who (And This Is Post Number Eleven Hundred Of The Price Of Silver!)

I thought that an uninterrupted series of pictures and posts about the election might get boring, my computer table was a mess, and I ran across this photo from this past winter. We'd gone over to Starbucks for our evening coffee. I sat down with my cup while Monkette sat on the table. The young blond lady was sitting alone at a nearby table and after staring at us for awhile she got up the nerve to ask about my toy monkey.

We were soon invited to join her at her table. Monkette loves attention and was thrilled. I guess we chatted for about half an hour, maybe longer. I told her about the blog and that one of the pictures would most likely show up here. I gave her my card and I'm sure that I got her name and phone number. It might be here somewhere in the clutter, but I sure can't find it! I haven't seen her since.


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