Thursday, May 07, 2009

Al Kaplan Endorses The Following Candidates In Tuesday's North Miami Election:

I've known and worked with Frank for decades. We served together on the Planning Commission and most of the time we felt and voted the same way on the various items on the agenda. He has the experience! He's seved as mayor in the past, spent a bunch of years on the city council, and most recently was North Miami's elected city clerk. There have been some rumors spread around town recently about things that all turned out to be untrue. You can vote for Frank and know that he's the right man for the job, our next mayor.

Michelle Garcia is not in my district but I'd love to see her on the City Council. When I first met her a few months ago I was impressed by knowledge and enthusiasm. She was appointed to the Board of Adjustment, and the time that we've served together was enough to convince me that this was a woman I could work with, a person with ability to make decisions in the best interests of our citizens and our city. I can't vote for her, but if you can then DO IT!

Carol Besade Preger wants to replace Frank as City Clerk. Again, it's somebody that I've known for years, someone capable of doing a great job because she loves the city and cares about our citizens. She's not a person on an ego trip. She's somebody I trust and so can you.

And that leaves Bonnie Schwartzbaum. I've worked on several campaigns over the years, from city council to congressional. I've always managed to pick winners to back and I'm backing Bonnie. Without doubt she's running the best organized campaign possible. Everything is well thought out, carried through with precision, and she has her people motivated and enthusiastic. She's got my vote!

Citizens from any part of the city can take part in early voting at the North Miami Public Library at N.E. 8th Ave. between 132nd and 133rd streets. I did that this morning and it was nice to not have to spend an hour waiting in line. Tuesday, May 12 is the day where you can vote at your regular polling place. Make your voice heard. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE!



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