Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Busted! Now She's In Jail! Maybe...

First off, a lot of what I'm writing here consists of what I've been told over the past day or so. In some cases I've heard conflicting facts and various versions.So she might not be in jail.

Here are a couple of shots I made this morning of some campaigners holding signs for North Miami City Council candidate Marcellus,and they were at a polling place at a school. Sunday they had been at the North Miami Public Library. In these shots one lady is hiding her face under a piece of cloth while another is hiding behind the sign she's holding.

Now, the question is "Do these actions constitute voter intimidation?" I got a call from a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Protective Operations.He, another agent, and myself met up to discuss what I'd seen at the polls. They'd already seen the photos of the fist striking me via the internet.

Since a lot of their work is undercover they requested that I not use any names or photos that might identify them. I agreed. It seemed a reasonable request.

Do those glowering faces across from the polls constitute "voter intimidation"? Does watching me getting pummelled constitute it? Is just hearing about or reading about it count as intimidation? Since I'd already voted was I intimidated? Would it have constituted intimidation if they'd beat the crap out of me before I voted? Where does calling me "Whitey" fit intio the overall scheme of things, or screaming at me that "North Miami is a Haitian city"?

If you scroll down you'll see the photos I made of her lunging at me and her fist coming directly at the camera as she cursed and screamed that I didn't have the right to take pictures of her, that I didn't have her permission. I told her that I don't need her permission. I was photographing an event at a public place. I posted them here on thepriceofsilver.blogspot.com, filed a police report, and showed the prints to the police. They said that it would be up to the State Attorney's Office as to whether or not to arrest her.

A friend found out her name, her address, even her license tag number. Somebody even found me a civil attorney to sue her for damages. Thanks! Today I got a call telling me that the State Attorney's Office had arrested the woman and she was in jail for assault and battery on a senior citizen. Here in Florida punching a senior citizen is a greater offense than punching a younger person. They told me that I'd get called to testify at her trial. There were lots of witnesses and the pictures tell the whole story. I was very surprised to see her out there this morning.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to Dr. Katz's office so he can check out my head where she clobbered me, then going to the dental lab to get my false teeth repaired because the punch cracked them, and the the attorney is suppposed to be calling about getting together with him. Exciting times! I really don't need it, thank you very much. And like I said, this is largely just hearsay at this point. What isn't hearsay is my sore head from being slugged and the $115 I spent getting my teeth fixed. She broke them when she slugged me.

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Blogger N.C.Street Photography said...

Al, doesn't this make twice in a year you've been beat up? You live an exciting life to say the least. Good luck with the suit, she looks like she doesn't even have $115 to cover your repair bill for your teeth. bummer!

11:29 AM  

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