Friday, May 29, 2009


The "Official" Election Day is Tuesday, June 2nd, but there's "Early Voting" at the North Miami Public Library this week. Things were getting serious. A couple of days ago somebody stole the Frank Wolland for Mayor yard sign from my lawn. Frank replaced it. Tonight the thief stole ALL the signs from my yard. I drove around the neighborhood and sure enough, the thief must have found a market for used campaign signs. Everybody's yard was devoid of campaign signs, regardless of candidate.

The rain poured down all day, really POURED, but Michelle Garcia, Frank Wolland, and Bonnie Schwartzbaum, and their supporters (as well as their opponents) were out there in front of the polls holding campaign signs, waving at the people driving by, and speaking with everybody they could, while trying to maintain a remnant of dryness beneath their umbrellas. Mostly they just got soaked. I wasn't there more than about fifteen minutes, used my umbrella, took some photos, and I got soaked. Monkette refused to even get out of the truck!

They were STALKING VOTERS! That reminded me of the motion picture my friend Bob Morgan had made a few years back. The cover is perhaps a bit too graphic for an election, but it is an eye grabber!

Nobody is going to get their heart cut out of their still living body for voting for the wrong candidate. Honest! Regardless of any rumors you might have heard to the contrary. Save that kind of thing for the movies.

Recently my old friend Robert Morgan has gotten back in touch with me after a too many years hiatus. He told me that he has the script written for BLOODSTALKERS II and like the first film it will be filmed in the Everglades. Most likely it will be headquartered here in North Miami. He wants me to do the stills and I'll probably have a small part in the film. Look at the hair style on the guy in the picture! A younger face with less grey hair, but pretty much the same shaggy mop that I'm sporting these days. Without a doubt a movie star hair style.

Monkette is all excited. She told me that being a movie star should make me very popular with the ladies. Last week she told me that I should be very popular with the ladies already, based on some demographic research that she was doing in preperation for the election. She told me that according to the latest government statistics I'm one of the three North Miami residents who are unmarried straight male registered Democrats not living in nursing homes.

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