Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bonnie Schwartzbaum and Frank Wolland. (Bonnie And Clyde They Ain't)

Claudio Sanchez hosted a bar-b-que in his backyard on Memorial Day for Bonnie Schwartzbaum's campaign for city council. I'd guess that fifty people or more stopped by to meet Bonnie and to voice their concerns about the direction North Miami has taken over the past few years. The biggest concern after the dilapidated state of our water plants and public parks was the obscene salary increase the present mayor and council recently gave themselves on top of lifetime health insurance, a huge expense account, and a ten fold increase in salary.

We need people that understand that our infrastructure has been ignored for way to long. We need a mayor and council that responds to the needs of the residents. What we don't need is a bunch of Bonnie & Clydes hoping to line their pockets at your expense. Hoping? Hell! They have it all planned out. Greed knows no bounds.

Mayoral candidate Frank Wolland dropped by in the midst of his busy day of campaigning. He and Bonnie chatted for a few minutes, Frank made the circuit shaking everyones hand, and then hurried off to his next scheduled stop. He was a great mayor in the past and I'd love to see him get the opportunity to get North Miami back on track! With Bonnie's help he will. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE! Early voting is this week at the North Miami Public Library or vote on Election Day next Tuesday at your regular polling place.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small world aint it Al? Here in the UK we've got local council elections coming up - and the hot topic here is ... expenses, expenses, expenses!

Okay, so no life time health insurance for the present incumbents here but how about one of them claiming $2,750 per council MEETING in expenses - and she attended over 20 of them in one year! She's not alone either, our MPs are being kicked out of their parties left, right and center for fiddling their expenses - $52,000 for an ornamental duck pond anyone??

Best of luck with your campaign.

2:55 PM  

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