Friday, May 22, 2009

Al Kaplan Wearing A Blynn T-Shirt?

I guess that I'm percieved as being a lot more influential in this city than I ever imagined! I was standing outside the polls on election day wearing a bright yellow Elect Bonnie Schwartzbaum T-shirt. She's running against the incumbant Michael Blynn.
Michael showed up dressed "Lawyer Casual", no jacket, collar and tie loosened a wee little bit, and just to prove that he wasn't dressed for business he sported a baseball cap on his head and he wore sunglasses. He acted genuinely hurt that I wasn't supporting his re-election bid. He said that he couldn't fathom why I'd be helping a political newcomer, somebody who'd never even been on a city advisory board before! He handed me one of his shirts, and just to keep the peace I put it on over Bonnie's shirt until Michael wandered off elsewhere.

His shirt reads "Qualified, Competant, Caring, Courageous". I also percieve "Complacent and Contented with the status quo", especially since the council just voted themselves a humongous raise in flagrant violation of the city charter.

Bonnie might be new to this but she is a successful business woman who is dedicated, dynamic, determined and daring. We need new blood on the council bringing new ideas and maybe a dose of idealism too.

I've got nothing against you Mike. You've done a good job. I just think that it's time for the city to move in new directions. Bonnie shares those desires. "Dedicated, Determined, Daring, Dynamic" is what the city needs.

Several candidates failed to make the cut in the election and now we have a run-off coming up on June second. This time Michael gets to go one on one with Bonnie to win the hearts and minds (and votes) of the North Miami citizens.

Thanks for the T-shirt, Michael.

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