Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monkette And The John Patteson T-shirt

Monkette wanted to go to the candidates forum even though she was exhausted from spending the day folding campaign brochures and doing the door to door thing. Michael Blynn was "working the room", "pressing the flesh", trying to curry the favor of the voters. He probably should have brought one of his supporters along, but Monkette felt sorry for him and planted her tail on a seat front and center, holding it for Mike until he was ready to sit down.

Finally the program was getting underway and another guy briefly took a seat next to Monkette, but then Mike sat down, crossed his legs, and leaned back in a relaxed pose. Michelle was sitting next to him in a black dress. Bonnie was wearing a black dress also. Now Monkette wants me to buy her a black dress. Next thing you know she'll be shaving her legs and swinging through the trees in Enchanted Forest Park wearing spike heels! Better her that Michael Blynn.

And the T-shirt? For years John Patteson was my best friend until he moved out of town. About 16 or 18 years ago he ran for council and lost. I still had one of the shirts. Michael has constantly been on my case for wearing a Bonnie shirt. I couldn't be working for Bonnie and wear a Michael Blynn shirt. No way! John Patteson to the rescue! Problem solved! Monkette still wants a black dress.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pleased that Monkette has become a major part of your family. How's Monkey doing nowadays? Todd

9:46 PM  

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