Monday, May 18, 2009

Waiting For The Coffee, Conferring With The State Department

At a recent homeowners association meeting North Miami City Councilman Michael Blynn, in his desperate attempt to secure enough votes in the upcoming run-off election to keep his council seat, was talking about how he was entitled to the recent humongous raise plus the obscene benefits package the council recently gave themselves in flagrant violation of the city charter. He thought that it was well deserved because of all the time he puts into city business and all the trips to Washington, D.C. he's made at city expense trying to secure grants for the city. It's called lobbying.

I tend to do things differently. James and I have become close friends over the years as his State Department job brings him to the Miami area several times a year for various international conferences. A time or two he's crashed at my house but since marrying Liz they tend to stay at fancy art deco South Beach hotels, and they dine on gourmet fare at trendy sidewalk cafes and posh gourmet restaurants. We discuss cameras and film and how immigrant influxes affect cities like North Miami. He's gone all around North Miami with me, visited stores and eaten at restaurants like Jimmy's Place, met the residents rich and poor alike, knows the problems of the city and its residents, and he has friends in other government agencies that he talks with on a regular basis. It's called neworking

James and I spent the afternoon eating and talking and watching the scantily clad girls wander by. James grabbed the check and put it on HIS expenses account for the trip. Michael, now that's the way to lobby Washington. Let them come to you.

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