Saturday, May 16, 2009

What's Happening? Bedlam!

The voting was over, the ballot boxes were heading back to city hall,the council chambers were overflowing with the candidates, their families, and their supporters. The usual array of civic activists were there, and most likely not a few people who were just hoping to get invited over to a victory party. They tend to have much better food than Burger King. Even the losers had planned victory parties, and somebody has to eat all that food, including the fresh bananas.

Here we're looking at a row of candidates' behinds as they're trying to find out who won and who lost as soon as possible. Only one race had a winner. The other races ddn't produce the needed 50% plus one vote to determine a winner. Now the whole thing starts over again as the two top vote getters for each seat go head to head with one another, hoping to win the run-off on June 2nd.It's lookinggood for Frank Wolland and Bonnie Schwartzbaum. That sure put a big smile on Monkettes face!

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