Saturday, May 23, 2009

Who Spreads The Evil Behind The Lies?

I'm becoming ashamed to admit that I've mostly voted for Democrats all these forty odd years. I was just forwarded an email that included LIES about the candidates in the June second run-off election for North Miami Mayor and two City Council seats.

First off, the city has always had non-partisan elections. Nobody runs as a Republican or a Democrat here. We run for office as North Miami citizens. About twenty years ago Scott Galvin and I managed to get a charter ammendment passed that divides the city into four districts. Before that happened the "Rich Folk" in the waterfront areas pretty much controlled the political landscape here. Even the Rich Folk in North Miami seem to lean towards the Democratic Party.

When somebody sends out a mass Email claiming that candidate Bonnie Schwartzbaum is a Republican? Well it's no longer considered polite to tar and feather somebody or take them out on a sailing ship and hang them from a yardarm. Too bad. They deserve it! As for Bonnie? She was registered as an independant at one time but BONNIE IS A REGISTERED DEMOCRAT. Here's the gist (I left out the stuff about the South Miami election.) of the Evil Email:

"Hello Democrats!

Special Elections upcoming in North Miami (June 2nd)

In North Miami...June 2nd
- 2 Great Dems running for Mayor, Andre Pierre & Frank Wolland
For Andre...Visit or call 305-398-9650
For Frank...Visit or call 305-895-8588

- We have Democrat Councilman Michael Blynn vs. Republican Schwartzbaum
To volunteer with Michael...please call 305-319-0800 or our office

- We have Democrat Jean Marcellus vs. NPA Garcia
To volunteer with Jean...please call 305-300-6610"

Those self serving fascist pigs (Hey! Why not call them dirty names? They play with dirt, they get dirty, right?)not only lie about Bonnie but look how they leave off Michelle Garcia's first name! They substitute "NPA" without stating that it stands for "No Party Affiliation".

Lies and misinformation should have no part of the process. I'm still endorsing Bonnie Schwartzbaum and Michelle Garcia for City Council and Frank Wolland for Mayor. Of course sometimes a down and dirty attack on the opposition can be an effective campaign tactic. If done correctly it can completely destroy a candidate's chances of ever getting elected to anything again, and forever too. Monkette thinks we should be doing exactly that. She's heard the story about how it happened to a well liked North Miami mayor who double crossed a council candidate that he'd actually talked into running to begin with. But every cloud has its silver lining. That resulted in the election of North Miami's first female mayor, Christine Moreno.

Monkette has been pouring through old newspaper stories, newsletters, City Council meeting agendas and minutes, attending civic functions and campaign parties alike, making lots of phone calls and sending out scads of emails, finding people willing to "speak for the record"..and she's collected quite a pile of tasty tidbits...stay tuned!

At least Pat and I were able to get a bit of relaxation before heading over to Bonnie's Sweat Shop for another day's campaigning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

politics never seem to change.

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