Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Frank Wolland For Mayor ~ Up Front Honesty

Yup, you can tell when it's getting down to the wire. Lesser candidates get panic struck and their opponent's yard signs start getting knocked down or stolen. When I went out this morning the "Elect Frank Wolland For North Miami Mayor" sign as well as the Michelle Garcia and one of two Bonnie Schwartzbaunm signs seemingly had grown legs and had walked off into the night. Whoever did the deed was sloppy about it too. One sign was pulled up by its roots, wire holder and all, while the other two were simply pulled off of the wire stand.

Stealing yard signs is a criminal act. Well, it IS stealing, after all, plus it involves trespassing on private property. Then there's those nearly invisible wire frames rising out of the grass. If somebody were to trip and fall they could poke out an eye or suffer a life threatening puncture wound to their body. Not a pretty thought,is it?

I wouldn't vote for somebody who would stoop that low. Would you? Franks followers aren't stealing other candidate's signs. This week there is early voting at the North Miami Public Library, or you can wait until Tuesday next week and vote at your regular polling place on ELECTION DAY, June 2nd. But VOTE. The fate of your city is in your hands and FRANK WOLLAND is looking forward to working with you and FOR YOU in making North Miami an even better place to live, work, and raise your kids.



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