Monday, May 25, 2009

What Bus Shelters? Where Are They?

Well there uused to be a bus shelter in front of The Three Horizons condominium complex on 125th Street just east of the the railroad track at the start of the bend. The first time I'd photographed the location was nearly forty years ago when it was nothing but an empty field. I was working for the North Dade Journal and a guy came in looking for a photographer. He wanted a picture of himself standing in the middle of the field for an ad in the paper announcing the new condos that were planned for the property. The guy's name was Bill Morgenstern, and his dad was the developer who owned the property.

For the next few years Bill was very much a hands-on person, very involved with the development throughout the construction phases and then he saw over the sale of the units. He also asked me to photograph some antiques for him. Bill soon opened an antique shop more or less across from City Hall and was a fixture there for years. He passed away a few years ago.

Over the years as North Miami gussied itself up bus shelters went up along the streets. No longer did residents have to wait for buses in the rain. It didn't happen at every bus stop, but at a goodly number of the stops got them. There was one in front of The Three Horizons and one in front of City Hall.

Recently they started to dissapear. GONE!. The metal columns were cut off flush with the pavement. Just a bare bench. No protection from the hot sun or the torrential showers. NONE! Let the elderly residents at The Three Horizons sit on wet benches and huddle under umbrellas. Does city hall care about citizens sitting in the rain or baking under the summer sun? Of course they do! That's why THEY have a bus shelter in front of City Hall.

Monkette decided that she was small enough to use one of Bonnie's signs to keep the rain drops off of her head. Smart girl!

Bonnie Schwartzbaum CARES about our residents. She's not running for City Council becasuse she wants the obscene huge salary the present council awarded themselves, or the lifetime health insurance, or the overly generous retirement pension. She's running because she cares. She wants to make North Miami a better place for all of us. Vote for Bonnie on June Second.

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