Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time For A Change ~ Monkette Can't Wait

Nothing seems to happen fasten enough for Monkette! The run-off election was still ten days away and she couldn't wait to replace the Blynn sign with a Bonnie Schwartzbaum sign in the reserved parking lot behind City Hall. I tried to reason with her, told her that the city would put up the new sign after the election if Bonnie wins.

It ain't easy reasoning with a toy monkey. Brain neurons and cotton fibers just don't seem to process information in exactly the same way. She grabbed the sign and bolted from the truck, ran into the parking lot, and jumped up on top of the hedge. Finally I decided to try a different tack. I appealed to the girl in her. "That sign is yellow with red letters while the other signs are white with black letters. It just won't LOOK right! You know how careful Bonnie is to always color coordinate her outfits, don't you? She's NOT going to like this. No way!"

After a brief discussion she put the sign back in the truck. I took her over to Publix in search of Devil Dogs and bananas.

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