Friday, October 02, 2009

A First Time For Everything

January,1972 at the old North Miami Armory! It was try-outs for the annual Miss North Miami Pageant and it was my job to shoot pix of all the contestants. For several weeks every issue of The North Dade Journal would feature pictures of the girls, and I was forced to spend endless hours all over town in their company. Photography can make for a tough life!!!!

At the time the public schools here were just starting to be desegregated and I think that this was the first year where we had a colored contestant. It'd be a few more years before "black" became the word of choice. No, I don't recall her name.

Notice the ash tray on the table? The red check mark and red circle around the ash tray had nothing to do with the ash tray. It was the editor's way of saying "Print this one!"

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