Friday, December 04, 2009

A Well Deserved Hiatus Or just Admit That I'm Lazy?

Or maybe I just have writers' block. Finding the photos in my files is easy enough. Oft times I'll shoot more, just for the blog. Some, like the Art Neuveau sterling silver cigarette lighter aren't really photos. I just put it on the scanner's glass and scanned the lighter directly. The color shots of the crappypark are "stolen" from the Biscayne Times, a monthly local paper. I'd previously writen about the eyesore before, here on the blog. I also wrote about the place way back before Wilma trashed the place, maybe four or five years ago.

One night I'll get a good case of insomnia, or maybe get a gig photographing one of those really cool political fundraisers, the kind where people keep going out the back door for a toke or a smoke or a snort and the allure of the white powder will just be too much to pass up. Then I'll start typing and typing and drinking lots and lots of coffee. I'll get caught up on the captions. For real.


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