Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It was the late 60's and Surfside Six was the hit TV show, filmed here in the Miami area. Reverand Tom Morse, a Pentacostal minister from The Church of God in Cleveland, TN came to town with the mission of saving souls and getting kids off of drugs. He called his organization Surfside Challenge and rented a large old house on S.E. 15th Rd. off of U.S. 1, just south of downtown Miami. He went to the love-ins in the parks, attended rock festivals, and ended up with twenty to thirty youngsters living there. I forget exactly How I met him but I was soon doing all their P.R. photography and taking photos for their various publications. Not big money but I got into a lot of rock concerts. I met a lot of business leaders and political types which led to other better paying photo assignments. He used to like to take to the streets and preach to people one on one. This was shot in Overtown, a black neighborhood just north of downtown Miami, late at night. The young lady was obviously a "working girl". Leica M4, 35/1.8 Canon and Tri-X.


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