Thursday, February 09, 2006

Notes between photo posts..just talk...
and yes, Photos are Available

"You asked for it, you got it, Toyota."

Here I am, caught between printings again. I've had a few photo jobs, and that means deadlines, which have interferred with my leisurely postings. I thought I might mention though, that I've gotten some emails about possibly buying some of the prints posted here. Hey...sure! so for your information.....I print on Ilford Multigrade double weight conventional "wet process" paper. The standard size I print from my 35mm negatives is an image area of 8x12 inches printed on 11x14 paper. If you'd prefer some other size let me know, but I've always liked this look, and hey, if you're buying my prints, you're buying my style, right? Whatever. I'm easy. This way, they look as if they come with a mat already...just plop them in a frame or pin them to the wall. Easy does it. Always.

The prints used for scanning and posting are smaller. The caption (if any) and signature can sometimes overtake the photos you see on line, but I am much more refined with I print to show!. The FMV for my prints is around $300.00 for this sort of thing, and that includes shipping to the contiguous U.S.-the rest of us will have to deal!

I guess you supposed I'm trying out the idea of publishing.......a little bit of everything,-photos, ramblings, darkroom/camera stuff/palm trees....just a tired old hippy looking back. Anyway, stayed tuned.


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