Monday, June 19, 2006

The Art Of Eating Beans With Chopsticks

It gets a bit confusing putting a blog together because the newer posts are on top, and they often refer to information in older posts below, which you don't read first. It's the early 70's and I'm camping with Laymond Hardy on an island in Charlotte Harbor, near the town of Placida, FL. Everything we had with us for a week's stay came over in my 17 foot fiberglass canoe. I'd never seen anybody eat beans with chop sticks before, but Laymond was quite adept at it.

This island wasn't a typical low lying mangrove island. It was actually a shell mound, a midden, built up over hundreds and hundreds of years by the Calusa Indians whch once lived here. The top of the island is maybe 12 or 15 feet above the water level in the bay.

Laymond called me last night, a pleasant surprise. He'd gotten mynumber from his sister Jo Ann. She and I had exchanged a few Emails a couple days ago and I planned on calling Laymond in the next day or two but he beat me to it. He sounds great and said his health is still good at age 84, his hair is still thick and not grey yet. He credits not smoking or drinking for everything.


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