Saturday, June 10, 2006

Moto Cross Racing - Noise, Mud and Excitement

I had some friends thirty odd years ago who enjoyed the excitement of moto cross racing from the sidelines. They had expensive sports cars but didn't want to get dirty (or hurt) themselves. Sundays it was off to the motocross track in Medley to watch the braver souls ride their bikes, jump the hills, go through the puddles and mud, and take the occasional spill. The term "yuppy" had yet to be coined, but real yuppies don't like to get dirty themselves. They only want to watch others doing it.

After going to too many Saturday night parties hearing all about how much fun everybody was going to have on Sunday I finally let myself get talked into going. I had the press credential to both get in free and get close to the action and I figured that I could likely find some publication who'd be interested in buying a photo or two. I brought my Leica M4 and M2-R bodies and a few lenses including my 19mm f/3.5 Canon. That's what I used for this shot on Ektachrome. Somehow I managed to keep from getting drenched in mud myself and got some nice photos that afternoon, but "it wasn't me". I never went back.


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