Saturday, June 17, 2006

Brenda Johnson Where Are You?

Here's another one of those Mystery Photos. It is neatly file numbered, but the log book with the information about the image is here "someplace". I have no idea where. From the slide mount I know her name is Brenda Johnson, and from the sequence number I'm assuming sometime around 1970 plus or minus a couple of years. At the time I was shooting for the local weekly, The North Dade Journal as well as being the "token Honkey" for a black paper, The Florida Courrier. I also covered the Miss North Miami Pageant and shot for the Ruth Foreman Theater, both of which were pretty liberal back then as far as blacks were concerned. Brenda looks to be maybe 16 in the photo.

Does it sound farfetched to wonder if someone might see this and know Brenda, perhaps even be Brenda? Not really. Today I got an Email from Jo Ann Hardy Whitney. She'd Googled her brother Laymond's name and found my photos of him robbing honey from his beehives. She wanted to give me his address and phone number. He's now up in his 80's and living in an assisted living facility. Yes, I'll give him a call. He's the man who introduced me to Bobby and Louise Tiger, resulting in all my photos of Muccosukee and Seminole Indians as they retained the last vestiges of traditional life before bingo, tax free cigarettes, and casinos changed everything. You never know where things are going to lead.


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