Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, It's CALLED Fishing...

It was the summer of 1973 and we were doing our grand tour of the American West. We stayed with the Kehrwalds when we were in Sheridan, Wyoming. Dick had a photo studio there, and was friends with a photographer that I knew from Miami. Like myself, Dick Kehrwald loved to fish. We fished in a nearby lake and tried a few streams that were full of spring run-off from the nearby Bighorn Mountains. We timed it perfectly. Everyplace we tried the fish refused to cooperate. Here Dick is trying to entice a trout to bite in one of the streams. We didn't experience any decent fishing until we got back to Florida, but it was still a fun trip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I like fishing, and I did like this pic. There's nothing like fishing!

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