Saturday, July 01, 2006

Easter Time In The Park

North Miami has always been big on festivals and festivities. Things have been scaled back somewhat in size, but increased in frequency during the last few years. Since they built the Museum of Contemporary Art next to city hall with a big open plaza in front of it we have frequent concerts, everything from Jazz to classical.

Back in the 60's and 70's we had the Winternational Festival and parade near Christmastime, and come spring, around Easter, we had the Arts Festival. In later years this was known as Arti-Gras. Dozens of artists had outdoor exhibits of their work, other booths sold everything from hot dogs, cotton candy and balloons to Navaho silver and turqoise jewelry. A big tent with a stage and a couple hundred chairs hosted plays, dance, all kinds of music, and in the morning there were story tellers and puppet shows for the children. I did all the city's public relations photography back then. It was mostly black & white so we could supply the newspapers, but I'd shoot some color for use in brochures for the following year's festival.

Judging by the bunnies in the balloons these kids were attending Arti-Gras. I guess now they'd be around 40 years old. This Ektachrome was shot in an M Leica with a 35mmf/2 Summicron.


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