Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Gotta Love Those Nice Jewish Girls (Or at Least Try)

A few years ago I was at the point where it was obvious that Vivette and I weren't going to get back together. She still called every day if I didn't call her first, insisted we go out to dinner together on Saturday night (Dutch treat), and reminded me when I needed a haircut. It hurt to go in her salon and see all the photos of the two of us arm in arm all over the place, pictures of my kids too, along with her kids. To an outsider it looked like nothing had changed.

Everytime I break up with someone I always make another attempt at dating a Jewish girl. My mom would be so happy! So here I am with Roz sitting by the pool at her condo with my new toy, the Bessa L and the 15mm Heliar lens. It was near the very beginning of my self-portrait series. I still had little feel at the time for what the camera was really taking in, hence the tilted horizon and leaning buildings, Roz and I in the very center of the photograph. I guess it was too soon, I was still in love with Vivette. Roz and I went out a couple of times but it just didn't feel right.

I probably should have followed Father Phil's advice years ago and married Dawn. It sometimes seems like it was pre-ordained way back when I was in the sixth grade and Alexis, the Greek girl around the corner, would ambush me, throw her arms around me in a death grip, and press her lips against mine. Not exactly the first girl I ever kissed ~ that was still a few years in the future ~ but certainly the first girl to ever give me a sexy kiss! Well, I have no idea what ever happened to Alexis, but Dawn and I are making plans, looking at rings, planning on telling Father Phil the good news, and our kids seem all for it! And the Jewish girls? My friends Jon Sinish married one, Jim Kukar married one, Spencer Tiger married one ~ the Jewish girls are being taken care of...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From my experience, a nice Jewish girl costs a lot of money. So I married outside of the blood. ;*)

6:51 AM  

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