Thursday, December 07, 2006

Links In A Growing Chain

A week or so ago I wrote that I'd start including some links to other blogs, interesting websites, and photography forums. Here's one by Jorge Torralba that you can access at . Thanks, Jorge!

Starbucks just constructed a new coffee shop just to the right of what shows in this photo, and North Miami City Hall is just to the left of what shows in the picture. The mostly white builting is the new police department headquarters while the building on the left is MOCA, the Museum Of Contemporary Art. The little former street, N.E. 6th Court, between City Hall and Starbucks got paved over with bricks and became pedestrian a only plaza, with outdoor seating for enjoying your coffee while having a smoke. All along N.E.125th Street behind me are art galleries, boutiques, and antique shops, along with a more traditional type of coffee house with live jazz and folk music along with art exhibits also. Alexis Sanfeld opened The Lunastar Cafe perhaps 7 or 8 years back. Since it's the only place like this place near this place it's gotta BE the place, right? She also has a selection of food and imported beer and wine. Starbucks doesn't carry those things. Alexis is a trip!

Oh goody! Now you faithful readers have two websites to check out and I can go out for some coffee :-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

a Bessa ode

I love my Bessa à la carte, it's above Wetzlar's ladida. It's black, it's shiny, it's smooth and it's mine. It's little, "click," is so divine. On the flip side side, "the more you use a camera, the higher potential there is for it to become a part of you." Wise words from Moe.

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