Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

The Five W's, what every news story has to answer. Basic Journalism 101 if you didn't already learn it in high school, or before.

Since I started carrying that 15mm lens equipped Bessa camera everyplace I go, and I'm not out shooting for some publication or another, I've gotten lazy. I almost always have a pen with me, and most of the time I have a folded sheet of paper or two in my shirt pocket. That harks back to the days where I'd meet the reporter at the location and without fail the first question (directed at me, of course) was "Hey, Al, you don't happen to have a pen on you, do you?" usually followed by "Got any paper?" Imagine going out on a photo assignment and asking the reporter if he happened to have a few rolls of Tri-X handy.

Well, I'm reasonably sure that this was a backyard barbeque with a bunch of folks from the South Florida Fishing Club, likely following one of our tournaments. We have several new members that I wouldn't easily recognize, and since the wives for the most part hang out with one other during the club meetings I don't know many of them anyway. I suppose I should go back to carrying a notebook, taking names, all that stuff, if I'm going to keep doing this blog. Too much like work! Hell, I didn't even get my aim right in this shot. My face is off camera to the left!


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