Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Color Of Smoke?

We were having the North Miami Chamber of Commerce Christmas luncheon at the Miami Shores Country Club last month. There's another shot several posts down with Councilman Scott Galvin wearing his Santa Claus hat sitting on the other side of me. The guy on my right in the striped shirt? We introduced ourselves, chatted a bit, but I honestly can't recall his name. If as often happens, if I do remember it I'll come back and edit it in.

It's probably been 40 years or better since the first time I was in this room. Back then many people smoked. There were no restrictions, no smoking and non-smoking sections. Looking at this photo, especially the ceiling, reminded me of that. The tiles have that discolored look of many years of exposure to the tar and nicotine from cigarette, cigar, and pipe smoke. I guess with heavily textured tiles like these you'd really have to repaint them with a spray gun, and that would end up getting paint everyplace, and require the workers to wear respirators in the enclosed space, plus the woodwork and windows would have to be completely covered. It's easier to just leave them discolored!

If the speakers are interesting (we hope) and the food great (it is) I guess nobody is going to spend much time contemplating the ceiling and remembering the good old days when we didn't have to go outside to grab a furtive smoke.


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