Sunday, February 11, 2007

Another Slant On Life

I love the perspective I get from the use of extreme wide angle lenses. Walls and buildings at crazy angles appear to be falling over while strong diagonals define the composition. Most times I attempt to keep the camera level but sometimes it's fun to have the camera itself at an angle. It creates an interest and a tension that would otherwise be lacking.

A couple of years ago I'd see this couple at Starbucks just about everyday, always together. He was in his wheelchair and seemed to get around just fine. We had a nodding relationship where we'd exchange a few pleasantries about the weather or the election or such, but by and large they kept to themselves. I never did find out their names although I suppose I might have asked. Nor did I ever find out if they worked together, were just good friends, or had a romantic relationship, perhaps even a marriage. They were as much a regular fixture there as I was. Then one day I realized that it had been at least a week since I'd last seen them. I haven't seen them since. I'll probably never see them again. There's a Zen saying to the effect that people are like little birds who come and visit your windowsill and then they're gone.


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