Friday, February 02, 2007

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

Every week I take Mary to the supermarket. This shot was about 18 months ago. She had to give up driving a couple of years ago. Her cataracts were getting too bad, her vision failing, and she decided she'd be a lot less dangerous to others if she just sold her car and started bumming rides. She's 84 now.

When she first retired and closed her antique shop about twenty years ago she sold her house and moved back to Pittsburgh, PA where she still has family, but after freezing for a couple of winters she came back to Florida and lives in a rental trailer with her little dog and way too many cats. Last week she told me that she decided to move back to Pittsburgh again. Now I'm going to have to plan trips to pick up groceries! I've really gotten used to just picking up what I need while she's doing her shopping.


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