Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Choosing A Color

The knocking on the door was so loud it managed to do what two cups of coffee had failed to accomplish. Now I WAS awake! When I opened the door Roy Taylor was standing there. I was going to get the house painted and he wanted a look-see of what was involved and find out what colors I was considering. There was a bit of termite damage so a bit of wood replacement on the eaves was obviously needed. I picked a beige paint with brown trim very close to what it was painted the last couple of times. As he explained the sequence of events ~ pressure cleaning the walls, sealing and priming, the finish coats, etc. ~ I detected a hint of Jamaican accent. That took the conversation off in another direction, talking about Jamaican food and women and reggae music, talking about our families, the fact that both his son and mine played guitar.

I ended up sitting in his truck for about twenty minutes listening to a CD his son had recently made. My first reaction was it wasn't Jamaican music, but as I listened longer I realized that like so many of his generation he'd embraced and mastered the sound of classic sixties rock music. The kid is GOOD! I gotta get me one of his CD's!

Well, Friday the house was pressure cleaned and we're waiting for the carpenter to replace the damaged wood. In a week or two the house will be newly painted. I'm hoping to get one of those CD's and maybe shoot some pictures of the group.


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