Saturday, February 03, 2007

...On The Highway To Hell ~ Another Trip

As young toy monkeys go Monkette is the adventurous sort. When Monkey flew out to San Francisco last year at the invitation of my friend Todd Frederick THAT was an adventure for sure. He's 62 years old and has done very little travelling. Seeing the sights in San Francisco, going to the San Francisco Zoo to see the gorillas, looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, are all things that most toy monkeys only dream of doing. No, Todd made sure that the trip was that once in a lifetime experience that Monkey would always remember!

He even got his ear pierced and now wears a gold earing! But the biggest suprise was when I met him at the Post Office here in North Miami (he travels via Priority Mail). I opened his box and discovered him locked in an amorous embrace with this little hussy, Monkette. Oh, well. They both seemed to enjoy one another's company. Todd told me that she was free to decide if she wanted to make the move permanent, although she'd also be welcome back if the Miami life was too unexciting for her tastes. I assured her that no, it wasn't really a requirement to learn Spanish or Kreyole to survive here. My ex, Claudia, told Monkette how she copes with store clerks that just assume that everybody speaks Spanish ~ you just answer them in German like you just assume that everyone speaks German. Monkette caught on quickly and now replies with a high pitched chatter that nobody can comprehend. Works like a charm!

On one of our frequent jaunts to show her around town we stopped off at an Independance Day celebration by city hall. She met a bunch of city officials, had a great time, and got an American flag out of the deal. In this photo we were already stuffed full of hot dogs and bananas and heading back to the house. She couldn't wait to tell Monkey about all the fun she'd had! Still, while she seems content to live with Monkey, I never hear any mention of wedding plans. They keep trying to explain to me that it's a cultural thing, that monkeys aren't really sinning when they "live in sin" so it isn't really sin, that they won't go to hell after all. Sounds good to me!


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