Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What Would You Do If I Sang Out Of Tune...

Actually, it wasn't my singing that concerned me that morning. I've never been able to carry a tune. I was here because I felt out of tune. Time to see the doctor. The place looks a bit ominous under the leaden skies, the near side in shadow from the light of the early morning sun coming from behind. Even the parking lot looked darker than usual, still wet from the last light shower which left a few tiny puddles behind as it moved off towards the east.

This little medical building is where Larry has his office. On my right is a McDonalds, and I was tempted to run in for a quick breakfast but I had the first appointment, and that was just a few minutes away. A few posts down are some photos of me in the office, but I decided an outside shot would be good to have also.

From high school until about twenty years ago I had the same doctor, but he retired. I tried the doctor that took over his practice but it wasn't a comfortable fit. Then for a few years I went to Claudia's doctor, then he too retired. Why choose this doctor? His office is around the corner from Vivette's house. She and I were together for about ten years and I was at her house much more than mine. I met him, I liked him, we hit it off. Now I'm at the age where most of the doctors I know are about my age, with many younger.

Larry and I are about the same age. I have hair, he doesn't. I'm tall, he's not. It doesn't bother him when I question his decisions, tell him what I read in a medical journal, or inquire about some new medicine that he didn't prescribe. He's cool when I tell him that the medicine is "just what the doctor ordered" but I find I'm getting less side effects with a sightly smaller dose while the stuff is still doing what it's supposed to do. Then I'll get the usual lecture about my borderline bad cholesterol (but the good cholesterol is OK), and even though my lungs are clear and my heart sounds great I should give up smoking. So I go outside, light up, and head back across the parking lot for an Egg McMuffin and another cup of coffee. Then I feel better!


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