Friday, February 16, 2007

Havin' It My Way? It's Magic!

There's a Burger King a few blocks away, about half way between my house and North Miami Senior High, that had been poorly maintained by the previous franchisee and then it closed down. I guess it was shuttered up for a couple of years until Magic Johnson bought the franchise. He soon had the place renovated and looking spiffy once again.

The occasion for these photographs was the Grand Reopening a few weeks ago. I figured that it'd be a good opportunity for me to get in a picture or two with Magic and see a bunch of people I know. It seems that half of City Hall was over there at one point or another. Oddly enough it didn't seem to attract much in the way of teenagers from the high school, but then most of the happening was while school was still in session.

They gave out T-shirts. The guys got black ones printed "Meet Me At Burger King. It's Going Down." The chicks got red ones saying "Have It Your Way". It was a warm Florida day with the temperature in the upper 80's, but I put on the T over my fishing shirt anyway, to stay in the spirit of things. Rahema Golding is a city employee. She either had more sense than I had or was afraid that she'd mess up her 'do putting on her shirt, so she just held it up in front of her and gave me that self-concious but shy little smile of hers. It's girls like her that make me wish I was thirty years younger!


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