Saturday, March 31, 2007

It's Party Time!

One thing that I learned from my friend Jim Kukar nearly four decades ago, back when he edited the North Dade Journal and I was the photographer, was that with a little bit of luck and enough candidates running for office, you could eat free for weeks before an election. A run-off from a close race meant another couple of weeks worth of campaign parties and hoopla. Back then you could also drink free. The booze really flowed in those days. All you could drink and then some. Often there'd be some good smoke :) outside the back door also. Now that's a no-no. Today, at best, you might find a bit of wine, or perhaps some beer, but nobody gets tipsy.

Kevin was lucky last election, getting elected with little effort. This go 'round he has an opponent. The campaign kick-off party was held in a vacant store more or less directly across the street from city hall. I think Kevin is of Irish decent anyway, but it was close enough to St. Patrick's Day to use green as a theme. I'm not much good at planning wardrobe type things so my one and only presentable green shirt was in the laundry hamper that day.

The head honchos from the North Miami Chamber of Commerce were sitting at this table while various movers and shakers of the North Miami political scene filled a dozen more. After the food was eaten we got to listen to a bunch of speakers telling us what a great guy Kevin was and all the things he'd accomplished during his current term as mayor (quite a bit, in my opinion). Then we heard from Kevin himself, thanking us for our support and laying out his plans and ideas for the new term in the mayor's seat. He does have some opposition this time around but I think the odds are in his favor. I'm looking forward to the victory party. I might even dress up in a suit, and I know I have a green tie!


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