Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who Really Runs The North Miami Chamber Of Commerce?

I first met Penny and Bill Valentine way back before 1970, back when Bill was a North Miami City Councilman and Penny's big thing was putting together the annual Miss North Miami Pageant at the armory. They were also realtors and owned some rental property. I was shooting for the local paper. They always had a dog.

At some point, little by little, they took over the day to day operations of the North Miami Chamber of Commerce. In addition to organizing and sponsoring the Pageant they arrange the monthly luncheons, arrange for the speakers, put together business card exchanges, make sure the newsletter gets written and out on time, sell ads in the Chamber directory, and distribute the directory to members and anybody else who asks. They're always at city council meetings and everybody in the business community knows them. And they always had a dog. Not always the same dog, of course, but there is aways a dog in their lives.

When I stop by the Chamber office I'm always warmly greated by this little feller, and then I have to let him sit on my lap for a few minutes while I pet him before he'll let me get a cup of coffee. I guess he's really the one who runs the place.


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