Saturday, March 10, 2007

Remembering The Sixties, Or Trying To

This is scanned off an old print. I posted several photos on the Photonet Leica Forum about four years ago because I'd been writing there for awhile and folks thought I was making up the stories. I needed to start posting photos, and decided to post some old with the new to show that I'd been shooting for a long time, over forty years at that point.

I dug out some old prints from my files and this was one of them. I suppose I could go through some boxes from that era, locate the contact sheet and sleeved negative strip, and hope that there was some information written on one, the other, or both, but I didn't bother. I have the haziest recollections of the shoot. She was lying in front of a widow and holding a giant red crepe paper rose. I liked the way the light rim lit her, with just enough detail in the shadows to show her features. I think it was shot with a 50mm lens on a Leica, about 1968. At that time my 50 was a 50/1.4 Nikkor, and it was most likely on Tri-X and printed on DuPont Varilour BTW, a gorgeous double weight variable contrast paper. Rich luminous tones, black blacks, and brilliant whites. A couple of years later DuPont went out of the photo supplies business. I still use that set of filters to print on Ilford Multigrade.

I don't remember her name off hand, but she'd be about sixty now herself, or close to it.


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