Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Resurrection Begins!

It was about time for a resurrection. It's a few months shy of forty years since Stephanie and I bought the house, and it was about fifteen years old at that time. Over the years I've gotten divorced a few times and I've painted the house a few times, upgraded the windows and doors to current hurricane standards, and had the plumbing and electrical completely redone. Still, time takes its toll.

Even though I'd had the house tented to exterminate termites four or five times over the years there was still termite damage to the wood in some places. I guess that made it easier for water to get in to the wood around the eaves and cause rot. Like I said, it was time for a resurrection!

Roy Taylor was the contractor, and his crew replaced the wood fascia and soffits, just underneath the roof overhang, all around. The main 4x8 beam across the front porch also needed replacement. You can see it cut in two just left of the center of the photograph. All the wood was replaced with pressure treated lumber so it won't rot, and hopefully it'll either taste simply horrid or it'll give the termites a tummy ache if they dare to try coming back again.

After a few days of looking like a hurricane had blown through, the mess was cleaned up and the house was painted to look like new again. Now it's good to go for another forty years! Of course my soon to be new wife Dawn thinks that a resurrection should include central air conditioning.


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