Thursday, March 01, 2007

Avacados? Or Avocados? Which One Works?

Both spellings seem to be considered correct so which you choose is up to you. If most words were like that it sure would have been easier to learn spelling. On the other hand, learning to read would have been a confusing mess!

What do avacados have to do with drinking coffee outside of Starbucks on a night in mid February? So far it's been an extremely mild winter in south Florida. While blizzards and freezing temperatures, icey roads and still more snow, make life miserable in the mid-west and New England we've been enjoying nights in the upper 60's to mid 70's. A few nights dipped briefly into the 50's, and out in the western fringes of the metropolitan area one night flirted with the upper 40's for an hour or two just before daybreak.

This is great for sitting outside enjoying the evening, and even better for tourists who come here for the warm weather. For farmers, though, it can amount to disaster. A number of types of sub tropical fruit trees, such as the avacado, won't develop mature flowers until the temperature drops to a certain level, and that has to happen at a specific time in their cycle. If the flowers don't mature then the tree won't bear fruit that year. While we enjoy these delighful balmy evenings the farmers are tearing their hair out worrying about their crops, or lack of them. Food brokers are making arangements to import fruit from Mexico so the markets will have the supply they need. I guess that means that a lot of farm workers will have to stay in Mexico this year if they want to find work.


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